About Us

What you should know about Warien Rose Foundation

Our Motto :- ....Positively Changing Lives.

What we do...

Warien Rose Foundation is an NGO that was formed mainly to eradicate poverty in the society. We also offer other services to the society which includes the following: Financial Aid, Educational Assistance, Emotional Support Groups, Wholesome Entertainment and lots more that add value to life.

Why we do it...

Warien Rose Foundation formerly Rhema Connect International was first started in one of the Nigerian universities some years ago. It was a deep desire by the Initiator of the vision, Efe Anaughe now a Lawyer to see an end to the suffering of her fellow students. She saw the deprivation, suffering and pain caused by poverty and was driven to task herself by using her pocket money to pay school fees and provide provisions for the extremely poor, provide financial aid for their parents/guardians to empower them and alleviate their suffering. She also organized Shows and Concerts to create Awareness and raise funds. This gesture drew people of like minds to her and brought about an informal gathering of young men and women. These gathering of young adults raised funds through fun and entertainment packages.

So many people around you are hurting some are hard to spot because they wear a mask, don’t we all! Others are clearly down and out. How do you change the world? One life at a time! One act of kindness at a time! But you have to care enough to sacrifice your own agenda. Care enough to love, to rekindle the flame of hope that suffering, pain and deprivation has snuffed out. It is our corporate social responsibility; the Government cannot do it alone.

We are motivated to do more...

Now, years later Warien Rose Foundation is ready to do much more in the larger society. Join hands with us to give hope and demonstrate love in a practical way to as many lives as we can reach and touch

Warien Rose Foundation believes in partnering with you in affecting and changing lives positively.

We would be happy to come and share more in person about our Organization with Individuals, Organizations and Corporations.

Improving Lives
Empowering People.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers