Our Projects

Three Themes- Three Projects


Mobile Vocational Skills Acquisition Scheme (MV-SAS)

Training of 100,000 individuals with skills to provide food on their tables.

Under our Mobile Vocational Skills Acquisition Scheme’ (MV-SAS), we teach various skills; from Soap making, Jewelry to Confectionery, Hall decoration, Fashion and Home accessories for Free, to mention a few. We bring Motivational Speakers, serve refreshments and issue Certificates also during the Workshops for free.

Warien Rose Foundation holds Benefit Concerts from time to time to raise awareness on its various projects which include several Skills Acquisition Workshops in various locations through our Mobile Vocational Skills Acquisition Scheme’ (MV-SAS). We also hold specialized workshops targeted at groups; like the Special Skills Acquisition Workshop for Prostitutes and also hold Benefit Concerts to create awareness on societal ills of immoral behaviors, raise funds to rehabilitate and empower them. We also hold skills workshop for the physically challenged. Additionally, we hold mentoring programs for High School Students and Youths generally. Through these programs, we aim to touch 100,000 lives within 5 years of activity. We need your help to achieve this goal.


Rehabilitation Home for Domestic Violence Survivors, Nigeria

Survivors of domestic violence need temproary safe shelters after escape from their ordeals.
They need rehabilitation to live a better life too.

From several cases treated by Warien Rose Foundation, most survivors of domestic violence are women. The most common challenge these individuals have is a place of rest and refuge to calm their minds after their ordeals. Therefore, we are in the process of building a a facility which takes care of this need as well as serves the purpose of rehabilitating domestic violence survivors.

The rehabilitation facility will be well equipped with modern facilities which makes the environment comfortable for positive mind development. In addition to these, support professional such as psychologists, clinical personnel and physiotherapists will be present to provide services to the occupants of the facility.


Sensitization of 500 Grassroot Communities on Money Laundering and Human Trafficking

Grassroot Communities need to be educated on Global Challenges and Issues.

We collaborate with professional bodies to educate grassroot communities on the menace of money laundering and human trafficking. This ensures that there is discouragement in acts related to money laundering and human trafficking in the society.

We synergise with organizations such as Inter - Governmental Action Against Money Laundering In West Africa(GIABA) - an ECOWAS body as well as the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP). Representatives of these organizations assist in educating participants at our organized workshops. We are indeed very grateful to these organizations for their support over the years and look forward to working with more recognised bodies so we can reach our target of 500 communities at the end of year 2018.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers